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Franklin Communications Services (FCS) is WEBHOSTescort.com's parent company providing webhosting and other ISP services.

Our high-end servers run the world standard Apache Web Server on the RedHat Linux Operating System. Linux Apache servers are able to handle huge amounts of data without crashing. We have literally no down time.

Our servers are connected by T3 to the internet backbone via UUNET. This means fewer hops and faster response time.

Web hosting services begin at $19.95 per month (payable quarterly) with a one-time setup fee of $50.00.

The one-time setup fee of $50.00 includes:

  • establishing your domain directory
  • establishing your FTP access account (allowing you 24 hour access to update your site)
  • 1 counter
  • establishing up to 10 virtual email addresses (i.e. yourname@yourdomain.com), directed to the access email box(es) of your choice
  • establishing up to 10 pop email addresses
  • setup for your own cgi-bin directory if desired
  • access to FormMail script if desired
  • setup for MicroSoft FrontPage 2000FrontPage Extensions if desired
  • setup for mySQL and PHP if desired
  • free basic access logs

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